Our Ownership Programme

If you've always dreamed of buying a boat, then buying one of our used boats is a great way to realise that dream. But you should also consider owning your own boat through our unbeatable Ownership Programme which not only makes boat ownership easy and hassle free, it’s also make for a profitable and secure investment opportunity. 

Your passion pays off!

  1. You become a Le Boat Owner and we charter out your boat when you're not using it.
  2. We give you 8% of the purchase price each year and you get to enjoy 8 weeks holiday a year in Europe and Canada
  3. We insure your boat and maintain it like one of our own. After 8 years, if you want, you can sell the boat back to us for 50% of the purchase price.



Turn a dream into a reality! Discover our boat Ownership Proramme in our new brochure:

  • Guaranteed monthly income, plus a buyback option – so you get more back than you

  • Enjoy several holidays a year in any of our boating regions

  • Zero maintenance and mooring costs

Owership Brochure

Find out more in our brochure !